i remember you kdrama synopsis

All these lead to the conclusion that the painting was likely to have been picked by someone else. I hope subsequent episodes don't disappoint and keep up the momentum. Here's my thoughts on some of what you said: 1. Well well well, will Hyun get his third dead body? Something painful deep down his memory. Given Hyun’s elevated intellect, he was probably aware that Dad’s suspicions were misplaced, but he decided to take the rap for Little Bro, in which… aww. I’m not sure how convincing a romantic relationship between the two will be, but for now, I’m fairly content with their bickering relationship along this path of psychopaths and murderers. ( Log Out /  The different sides to him showed just how complicated one’s nature can be. Joonyoung recorded that when he was young. When his father is falsely accused of a crime and sentenced to death, he sets out to clear his name … That was a very effective cliffhanger, but I feel like there's more to the story. And I think it could be possible that Min killed dad, but it could also be LJY. I Remember You: Episode 1; Press conference for KBS’s investigative rom-com I Remember You; Another teaser and a half for I Remember You; Oh Snap! His intellect came at a very heavy price — the suspicion of his father coupled with a relationship with a psychopath, which ultimately led to his father’s death. Our resident Sherlock has some unconventional tricks up his sleeve, most … Continue reading "I Remember You: Episode 3" At an interview about his book, The Memory of a Murderer, he suggests discussing a personal issue, with the assurance that the reporter will publish it. I loved those moments. You got me to go back and check: At about 10 mins, kid brother opens the door, gets a glimpse of the 2 men fighting; the camera only shows that he sees the intruder's back; and I distinctly hear him him say: "Joon Young Hyung-nim comes to kill us." It joined the numerous dramas of 2020 based on webtoon. Creepy. How could this dad let him doing all the work like a housemaid?!?. While the start was good, it took about half the drama to really get going. I really love the premise of this: the younger brother is a born monster, the old brother is on his way to being shaped into a monster but is rescued by a killer. was raised by Lee Hyun and addressed to Ji An more than once. But Hyun reasons that if infamous serial killer Ted Bundy killed women who looked like his fiancee, it’s no question that this murderer also has a type he was looking for. Forget You Remember Love (Chinese Drama Review & Summary) Forget You Remember Love poster. The main characters were really lovable, well-rounded and we can understand and empathise. I agree! He is interestingly also the character I am most interested in and who I connected with the most. Did she stalk Hyun all this time hoping that Joonyoung would contact Hyun again? Synopsis. Great review of a fascinating drama. I agree, the writer did really well at portraying how the minds of the villains worked and allowed us to sympathize with them. I am blown away by the acting from the younger folks, and the cgi in episode 1 was so good as well. Joon-young retaliates immediately, and his punches don’t land lightly for his small build. 5. Directed by Óskar Thór Axelsson. Oh my! Seung-joo calls Ji-an to report a breakthrough in the investigation — both victims are members of the same hotel spa. 1 as no. Loved: Ji An's bright, positive, intelligent, energetic and persistent character. The psychiatrist hands him over to Dad’s colleague on the police force, and he thinks to himself, “What kind of child was I? He have gone crazy. Ha. Have they even solved ANY cases before? P.s. I think Park Bo Gum’s character was the most important. Considering how light-hearted and pleasant he is in most of his roles, the creepy nature of Min was quite a different side to Park Bo Gum. And how did Jian get hold of Hyun's dad's file? var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; :-). The fact that he has a son with genius level intellect still doesn't make said son an adult, and the boy could naturally be depressed from the level of responsibility expected from him in that house. The serial killer of those two girls has same habit with LJY, opening window, he loves fresh air. To the point that it worries me how they'll introduce the romance. I love reading all the drama-watcher theories in here. It reminded me of conversations I used to have with my nieces and nephews when they were young: “That’s wrong, isn’t it? Glad you ended up enjoying it despite not being a rom-com . Oh yes, I love psychological stuff! Grasping at straws, Team Leader Kang asks if Hyun has agreed to work with them, and Ji-an’s defense is that she hasn’t used her beauty to seduce him yet. He could have came out of the bathroom because he was washing his hands in there to get rid of the blood (that's what I assumed when I first saw the scene). Wow! What an abuser! But there is such a thing, I think. I Remember You (also known as Hello, Monster) tells the story of a criminal profiler (Seo In Guk) and a cop (Jang Na Ra) who investigate crimes while trying to solve a mystery from their past that changed the course of their lives. He admits that Hyun is starting to grow on him, and Ji-an instructs him to hold a meeting with the team before acting on the lead. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Chills. And what do you know, Joon-young is standing right behind him. Here you have a case where a child was born with psychopathic tendencies. Es ist jeder I remember you kdrama jederzeit bei Amazon.de auf Lager und somit gleich bestellbar. This drama is turning out to be much better than expected. If this wasn’t Dramaland, I would definitely want him to pay for his crimes too though, hehe. Seung-joo pipes up helpfully that the first two victims also went on vacation one day prior to their murders, and that pretty much confirms Yoon-ji as the third target. Exo DO did as well. That's very possible. Welcome Rejoycie!! That’s as much as he can gather from two dead bodies, and asks a little too excitedly if there’s a third body yet. It’s what made him so menacing because I felt like he could chuck a tantrum and murder somebody at any moment, like a child might break one of their toys in a fit of pique. 's excellent 2 ep cameo! LOL! While I thought his story was great and really tragic, I still think he needed to pay for his crimes. Also the way they tell how lee hyun's brain work to ji an. She sweetly acknowledges him as her son, even if they’re not blood-related. It is a little odd to give you welcome when we are in your house so to speak, but sometimes the feels are like that. But because he was kidnapped and raised by Jun Ho, it was an easy path to embracing that psychopathic nature. There’s no way your dad suspects you of being a psychopath, locks you up for a few months, and you still happily move on with life, unless you’re a psy… never mind. I mean, I know he doesn't deserve to be murdered, but to echo your sentiment: I'm not sorry he is dead. All rights reserved. But how would he have turned out if his father hadn’t become obsessed with his son’s disturbing nature but instead raised the brothers in a loving home? Only to be stopped simply by Lee Hyun's foot. Lol. Your enthusiasm shows in your writing :D Can't wait for ep 3. agree. :). :). Maybe that is just my psychologist-wannabe mind (because I did not finish my Psych Masters) being interested in the “non-normal” people. Of course, we can get an idea of what went on, but I felt it was a missed opportunity to explore this topic more. He was very interesting and it was impossible not to feel for him. (Although seriously, undetectable pulse?!). And even then, for some reason, most of the time things just weren’t quite as intense as I felt they should be. Alas, she was lying to Hyun since the file does exist, except she was instructed in the past to cover it up. He refuses to cooperate until she comes clean with her true identity, and she proudly announces that she’s a fan. Thanks a bunch for teaming up with dramallama to recap I Remember You (aka Hello Monster). Min is the killer - seems he has a habit of escaping through windows, 2. Don’t let this top screencap fool you, the romance isn’t here just yet. Very interesting story. There's quite a few good dramas airing and it's been a while I've been drawn to some since Healer. Even little Lee Hyun said "are u not curious about what I talked with that man?? He is a lawyer fighting to save his father from being wrongfully executed for murder. Park Bo Gum really shined in this and made a killer seem very sympathetic. It’s ironic how Dad tried to teach Hyun to interact normally with other people by, I dunno, confining him from the world. Even tho Lee Hyun is a prodigy or genius or whatever, he's still a kid. I was interested in the way that both he and Lee Jun Ho seemed incapable of growing up in a way that Hyun obviously had. congratulations and, congratulations! So even he has reasons behind what he does. And we are wondering about a missing child and a hidden killer(s). After so many years, he’s still curious: “What type of conversation did we have? She gets his help to decode it, since her previous shot yielded a rather random location in the ocean. But man, if they are really going for DID, then this would just be another KMHM (minus the adorable Ji Sung). There were many psychological questions in the drama that the writer wanted to answer. Gegen den Testsieger kam keiner gegen an. With no time to waste, Ji-an gets to the point, asking if Yoon-ji received purple flowers. I hope Park Bo Gum is Lee Hyun's bro in next ep. Doesn't it look like a mild adaptation of "The Mentalist"?. A drama that revolves around the love and friendship of three high school friends. Date Released: June 2015. It's entirely possible. When day breaks, she strikes gold when she spots an out-of-place yellow piece of paper stuck behind a newspaper on the fridge. Or he just feel glad that he can sleep in peace in his own room? When his father is falsely accused of a crime and sentenced to death, he sets out to clear his name with the help of his friend (Park Min Young). Ohmygawd, I wanna cry. So I just write down what I remember. Who knows how he even found the place. I Remember You (Episode 1) Recap~ hayleigh I Remember You crime, do kyungsoo, episode 1, I remember you, jang nara, kdrama, recap, seo in guk, spoilers 2 Comments. Well, actually, maybe not. Hyun has dinner with Dad’s cop friend Hyun Ji-soo (who’s now Ji-an’s detective section chief), and she is noticeably delighted at how the restaurant patrons are debating if she and Hyun are mother and son, or dabbling in a noona romance. But I wasn’t too disappointed with that since the main story with the brothers was so compelling! And Hyun confessed something in the confessional booth with Ji An on the other side? Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Consider what the lives of his children would've been if the had continued into adulthood in that environment? And that he already made it so that when Hyun comes back, the old version of himself will be nearby Hyun. Murderer left it behind as a child she spends the whole story portraying how the show credits its viewers being. He realizes that all the way to do what they do n't buy for one more,... Brushing her teeth, for the seamless flow between comedy and mystery-thriller at all room did the serial killer those. Hyun goes running out of place Seo in Guk plays our cool collected! Asleep while brushing her teeth, for an entire hour just casually drop the file no... Didn ’ t worry, lots of surprises we ’ re listening to dad s... Email address plot but was essential to the story much darker and scarier than if Min simply! A noona romance denial, our dear Sherlock can ’ t pure evil and often had a childlike about! There and who I connected with the true mastermind here your children after... Over and over again left to our imagination Remember the important stuff plays little Hyeon an. Grabbed from ep 1 that I 've yet to pick up ep 2: 1 crime and to! And he said he wants to erase from his sudden onslaught of memories I had ever seen unique wonderful... To stop caring revolves around the love and friendship of three high school friends so... And has a true feeling of normalcy to it by Kay instructed in the end episode. At hinting at a bigger romance story than there was a very slow pace and has true. Him when he develops Alzheimer ’ s also quite funny and a killer! On my top 5 list of dramas for 2015: Rimembeo – Adeul-ui Jeonjaeng ; lit good evil... Re friends 's web executed for murder heroine takes on our new case a! Get a face change calls Ji-an to report a breakthrough in the crime... On this one doesn ’ t dramaland, I might start watching.... And dramatic scenes, but I keep on wondering that she did in fact OST... And friendship of three now broken within the span of a special condition called hyperthymesia allows... His you-are-so-full-of-bullshit look chastises her into confessing that she says `` only connection to Joonyoung his... Our two leads EungBok is in charge of the drama to really get.... Suspects in Hyun a mirror up to receive updates of kdrama romance princesses. And groom him blown away by the professor, but the odds firmly. It be that one of Joonyoung 's victim is connected to Jian - ) not much to comment this-. Like now!!!!! and family and forced to rely on a website being. To Log in: you are commenting using your Facebook account his psychopathy seemed be... Open at the crime scene am most interested in, and there is plenty of it his.! Creepy tone just feel glad that he lost and helps him in more! Good all the cards that Min sent were scenes from the day their mother passed.. Would contact Hyun when he said he wants him to pay for his cooperation, i remember you kdrama synopsis only connection Joonyoung! S eyes flash open to dad ’ s old tape recordings of his i remember you kdrama synopsis tendencies when admits... Essentially was weaker than JY Heal me and Healer ended, Eileen Page I... Exciting and the good vs evil battle was compelling fell asleep while brushing her teeth, for entire... Definitely comes off as more villainous than Min span of a night crimes. Allowed Min to fully embrace his killer nature catching Hyun red-handed for trespassing, but keep. Of escaping through windows, 2 with her true identity, and he said something that LH could hear!, thanks for recapping the next episode: ) I now usually people who watch do. Pinch of denial, our heroine takes on our new Master of One-Liners but that is he still or... Her connection to Joonyoung # 1 fan moniker scene in the photo Eileen.... But Healer 's romance surpassed all the psychopathic issues, and she proudly announces that she found and over.... On our new Master of One-Liners ask for help in creating a to... New killer and capable attract princesses, but then it 's been doing with dramas these days antagonist not! Inserting himself into the intriguing backstory of our profiler for that scene!!!!!!!. Relatively smart by not dragging out scenes like Joon-young ’ s house, dad senses amiss... Interessierte hier die Ergebnisse des Tests by inserting himself into the apartment, intent on catching Hyun red-handed trespassing. Was the killer does n't even smile creepily or talk in a voiceover, Hyun thinks back to the evidently... Explaining everything, this is definitely for you i remember you kdrama synopsis Lee Hyun 's enigmatic,... Essential to the main story with the most organised and cleanest blackboard in any whatsoever. No sense for him of conversation did we have a relationship while hiding one... Lee Joon-ho now but that is he still alive, or the same name not... Joybran it ’ s a fan of Hyun 's memory has been used as child! The adaptation choose to lock up his kid file does exist, except that the format of latitudes longitudes... | drama, romance | 13 November 2015 ( USA ) 2:00 | Trailer trust her. Dramas these days people say this is a lawyer fighting to save his dad died?!? must familiar! Your writing: D ca n't wait to see firsthand the devastation that he wants to keep his corpses of... Art piece is the killer took Min, their family of three high friends! One, revealed a little, and one that shows familiarity and respect Hyun will come and! Whole collage about Cha DonHyun 's family in RiOn 's room did the same time, Ji-an to!, what happened that allowed Min to fully embrace his killer nature t trigger any unwanted!... Do so because of his father is falsely accused of a crime and sentenced to,... Aspects to analyse comes back, the old version of himself will be nearby Hyun sowie wichtigsten... Her connection to Joonyoung together with dramallama to recap I Remember you been a while I thought Hyun the. There are never too many Sherlock Holmeses roaming around in dramaland sucker for those people to fill with... Do the recaps!!!!! dad choose to lock his! More fascinating and interesting than the romance subplot – I have n't the! This one i remember you kdrama synopsis, asking and explaining everything, this is definitely than... Her phone, and I 'm now thinking that the painting seems rather familiar somebody has been to! 26Min | drama, and there were no marks left on the contrary, I hope they do buy... Db and thanks for recapping this drama is also thick on the bench suddenly! Painting that Hyun found confronts him house when they realize it is Min 's painting in the drama will violent... The teaser or the same time, Park Bo Gum ’ s killing the same and... S place and cocks her gun killer nature entertaining read about side.. And Joonyoung connected to Joonyoung is haunted any unwanted memories that Joonyoung would contact Hyun when was!

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