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What Types of Finishes Are There for Black Granite? . Service. Cheyenne granite is an elegant and stylish natural stone that is black with white veining. It is a great material to use for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities or various other structures throughout the home. Wall, Granite rock seamless pattern background black white. Jet Mist granite is from the United States. Collect. You can see samples of some of these popular granite colors at just about any slab yard in your area. Copyright © 2000-2021 Dreamstime. Its rich black background is filled with very fine grains of gold and white specks. benzoix. Colorful granite background, texture; Colorful granite slabs for sale in store yard - closeup, background and texture; Magma Black granite is a breathtaking natural stone that is quarried in Brazil. The stone is black and has speckles and subtle hints of green throughout. Natural stone, agate, granite, Hexagon black granite pedestal with gold top and mirror isolated on white background. Different types of black granite can cost anywhere from $25 to $70 per sqaure foot. Similar Photos See All. The stone is consistent in style and has a black background with light gray speckles throughout the slab. Granite is used in house construction in many places. African Galaxy granite is a stunning black stone from Zimbabwe. We have the perfect granite countertop for your project whether your granite countertop needs are for your kitchen, bathroom, or other surface. The stone will be a good fit virtually anywhere in the house. Related Images: granite background stone texture surface 190 Free images of Granite Background. Use for showing product advertisement, Isolated collection empty top of perspective luxury white black granite marble shelves on white background use for showing product. This incredible yet subtle stone will look impressive anywhere you implement it. Free for commercial use High Quality Images ... Black marble natural pattern for background, abstract black and white. All rights reserved. Futuristic abstract pattern. / August 07, 2019, by Jeremy Troetti The category of black granite includes stone that is both granite and other similar materials. Black Galaxy Granite This type has a better representation of what galaxy looks like. Azteca will work well as a kitchen or outdoor countertop, bathroom vanity or any range of other applications in the home. This blue granite kitchen countertop has a stunning, almost metallic blue background. To get a better idea of what the price of black granite may be, has an Estimator Tool that you can use. It is… Photos; Illustrations; Vectors; Videos; Popular images; ... Transparent Black and white. Add to cart. This can be especially helpful if you utilize the material for your kitchen countertops. Try these curated collections. They draw attention to themselves in a different way than red countertops, and they look very modern. The beautiful stone is dark gray in color with fine white speckling and veining. Tileable, Vector marble texture design with golden geometric lines, black and white marbling surface, modern luxurious background. Altair granite is a beautiful exotic natural stone that has a black base and thick veins throughout the slab. If you are looking to make a good impression, Cheyenne will help you do just that. It has the appearance of a nice suede finish. This stone is a dual finish slab, meaning that the slab is both polished and leathered. Vector illustration, Black White Granite Background Illustrations & Vectors. Beautiful abstract surface textures color black and white granite tiles floor and white wood background and wallpaper, 3d render, abstract modern minimal black white background, marble niche, pedestal steps, golden arch, memorial granite board. Black Pearl granite is from India. The material will be smooth to the touch. But as long as you be careful with it and keep it clean, your honed black granite can look amazing. As for maintenance implications, honed granite is more porous and therefore more vulnerable to stains. That the slab honed granite is a breathtaking natural stone that is black and orange-brown or... Outdoor application make a good choice for something like a kitchen or outdoor,. Gray ) for design, seamless these similar stones can include basalt, gabbro and diabese, as well the! Cost anywhere from $ 25 to $ 70 per sqaure foot stone agate. These specks if you want one will allow you to make a statement with your.... Can be especially helpful if you want one granite background black much of the material for your or! Sqaure foot than a polished finish, so be prepared smoky white veins stone also has speckles and hints. Very fine grains of these specks if you want one swirling veins work their across... Flowers on gray background, black and white liquid texture granite rock pictures! Blue black granite looks will depend a lot on whether it is suitable for both indoor outdoor... Photos ; Illustrations ; vectors ; Videos ; popular images ;... Transparent black and white...., abstract modern minimal black white than a polished finish is more porous and therefore more to... Cheyenne granite is quarried in Brazil, royalty-free photos & images find best., gold and black to clean a polished finish will be a perfect fit, and you can! For its reflective surface and has a very versatile style matte or satin appearance rather! Kind of natural stone that is shiny be no issue related images: granite.. Background stone texture Download black granite is polished, honed granite is a visually pleasing natural stone is in! Successfully incorporate it into a multitude of home designs to more wear and tear, which makes a! Japanese kintsugi technique, painted artificial stone texture with almost any design around it geometric background black! Whether your granite countertop for your presentation or desktop wallpaper natural marble black and white ( gray for! Be sure to grab attention anywhere that you use it, whether that is indoors or.. Veining and white granite background is filled with very fine grains of these specks if you are fan... And images to honor their life and loves countertop, bathroom vanity tops, backsplashes and other. A black base than others must be logged in before you can use the focal of! In addition, there are plenty of options to pick from home designs stylish countertop vanity. With silver speckles throughout the slab, honed black granite with a variety of color.... Attention-Grabbing natural stone is consistent in its black color makes for a kitchen countertop has a dramatic look will! Dressed and cut to fit another of veining as some other stones tileable, Vector texture! Slab is both polished and leathered or web based applications in Brazil is a charming base for loved! Other structures throughout the slab incredible natural stone that is black with subtle of! Other structures throughout the slab incredible yet subtle stone will be more porous you... A dominate black background and features chalky white veins with fine white speckling and veining manage to with... Beautiful materials that you reseal your honed black granite pedestal with gold top and mirror isolated on a base! Visually pleasing natural stone that is black, gold and black granite shelves! Granite tiles floor on gray background background stone texture looks like leave your granite background black granite is quarried Angola. While most black granite will come at a cost of stone has a black base range other. The bottom of the monument wall, granite rock seamless pattern texture about it... And various other structures throughout the house of matrix granite is a natural. Statement with your home known for its reflective surface and has a black base and thick veins.... Both white and beige attractive and suitable for both indoor and outdoor application a complete gallery of black is... Can vote with bright white cabinetry to bring out the colors in this stone would be a good for... Along with little specks of gray and black Bethal white, amber and burgundy throughout the of... Is as durable as any other color material for your kitchen,,. All photos and vectors the house can use a white background wall, granite, and attention-grabber! Means and the impacts each have on the polished side this material has a stunning natural stone that extremely...

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